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School of International Studies

As one of  the largest schools of International Studies in Shandong Province that offers the greatest variety of non-universal languages, ours has been pioneering the education of Spanish and Arabic. Founded on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages which was established in 2002, it was renamed as School of International Studies later. The teaching of foreign languages can be dated back to 1983. Thirty four years from then on, there have been three graduate majors, namely, English,Spanish and French, and five vocational majors, namely, Business Japanese, Applied French, Applied German, Applied Korean, and Applied Arabic. Meanwhile, it undertakes all teaching tasks of  college foreign languages, second languages and the teaching and scientific research of foreign language majors. Featuring the advantage of non-universal languages, School of International Studies put foreign language literature as a main subject, which involves foreign literature, foreign linguistics, translation and other disciplines. With the education objective of cultivating application-oriented foreign language talents with worldview and patriotism, School of International Studies act as a significant base for foreign language teaching, translation and research, serving local economic development and cultural exchange of Shandong Province.

With years of construction and development, School of International Studies has accumulated remarkable teaching resources, gained rich teaching experience, and thus founded a profound subject basis with distinct feature and obtained abundant achievements. Additionally, good grades of national and provincial English competitions were also achieved by our students, of whom more than 20 won relevant rewards above provincial level. Having been the base of foreign affairs, translation and talents cultivation of non-universal languages, School of International Studies has been receiving praisefrom all levels in that it made due contributions for regional economic development and cultural communication of Shandong Province because of numerous language talents it cultivated. The achievements of teaching and scientific research top the list in Shandong Province both in quality and quantity, therefore, it is highly praised by foreign language community. It has gradually took the lead in teaching and research association for foreign language majors of higher education institute in Shandong Province, and obtained membership of the branch of foreign language teaching and research association in Chinese higher education institute, the Shandong branch of ESP research association of foreign language teaching in China, and business English association and foreign literature association of Shandong Province. It acts as one of the testing centers of CET4 and CET6, TEM4 and TEM8, TSM4 and TSM8, test for German majors Band 4, test for Arabic, and the coal and cooperative training institution of English translation Level 4 by Ministry of Education.

    Advanced teaching philosophy: Cultivating talents being the core mission, School of International Studies has been adhering to the principle of standardized construction and connotative development and the value of all staff cultivating talents. Meanwhile, the students will be cultivated from all respects and cared for all the way, namely, students come first. Teaching being the central position and the development of the second language strengthened, our school has formed an efficient teaching and managing system with distinct characteristics as well as cultural atmosphere of democracy.

   Excellent teams of teaching and administration: School of International Studies possesses excellent faculty who are characterized with highly political quality and ability as well as spirit of serving students wholeheartedly. Employing more than 15 related foreign experts annually from Europe, America, Japan and south Korea has always been the routine of our school. There are 2 teaching masters at provincial level and a counterpart at university level, an excellent communist member in Shandong colleges and universities, and a March 8th red banner pacesetter in Shandong Province. Additionally, professors and associate professors account for 30% among the full-time and part-time teachers, and teachers with masters or doctors degree account for 82%, and with 2 visiting professors, many of them get teaching and research reward from Shandong Province. Meanwhile, an excellent student-management team with high quality is available to serve for teaching, students as well as instructing the employment and entrepreneurship of students. There is also another teaching committee composed of famous professors from home and abroad and experts of relevant field supporting the teaching quality as well as the cultivation of teachers.

Advanced teaching facilities: School of International Studies has a radio transmitting station, 7 digital language laboratories, an independent study center of language, 2 modernized contextual classrooms with the function of simultaneous interpretation, a set of broadcast system of multimedia and multichannel FM, 16 multimedia classrooms, and more than 10 practical bases of teaching, all serving for a better learning condition.

Rich collection of resource in library: With the support of rich collection of resource in the library, School of International Studies possesses a professional reference room, and 1580 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals in paper and 19,281 counterparts in electronic edition as well as original books in English, Korean, German, French and Spanish, 78 kinds of current periodicals in original version, 105 kinds of back periodicals and 27 current counterparts in English, and an Ebsco digital base of minority language. There are more than 3000 reference books and 20 electronic audio and video resources in specialized reference room; therefore, our university has constructed a library featuring language, literature and culture. Additionally, both teaching and scientific research of foreign language are ensured by a brand new platform and rich resource owing to a highly integrated campus network.

Outstanding achievements of teaching and scientific research: School of International Studies has made outstanding achievements in teaching, scientific research, management as well as employment in which more than 72 teachers has received various rewards from province, department and university. More than 100 influential academic papers and more than 10 books, translations and textbooks have been completed; in addition, an educational reform subject about English majors in higher vocational institute assigned by teaching instruction committee of Ministry of Education was completed, and 2 provincial scientific subjects and many university level subjects were also completed.

Active communication and cooperation with universities abroad: Adhering to the principle of international teaching and cultivating foreign language talents with worldview, our school has established a horizontal connection with many universities. In order to promote the construction and development of foreign language majors, our school has established cooperative and communicating bonds with many universities and educational institutions in more than 10 nations, such as University of Portsmouth in Britain, Institut de Préparation à l’Administration et à la Gestion, Universidad de Cádiz in Spain, Sungshin Women's University in southern Korean, university of Norwich in America, Academy of Boston, Vancouver Island University in Canada, etc. Therefore, the influence of our majors are enhanced by mutual visit of teachers, reference exchange, students communication, cooperative teaching.

Comprehensive Guidance for Employment and Entrepreneurship: Employment, further education, upgrading and studying abroad for graduates have always been laid emphasis by School of international Studies which provides the opportunities of interning and studying abroad for graduates through practical base for teaching and communicating platform generated by cooperation between universities and enterprises as well as inter-universities and provides instructions for the students in all four years. Professional instructions are also available from specialized team composed of professional teachers, which is bound to support the majority of graduates to have a further education. Graduates extensively distribute in some developed regions in China, Beijing and Shanghai for example; in a similar way, some regionally developed cities in Shandong Province, such as Jinan and Qingdao, have also been places of intense enjoyment for graduates; in addition, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Fujian Province as well as Guangdong Province in which export-oriented economy possesses an overwhelming position have also been hot places for graduates, who embark on translations, secretaries, outward trades, business concerned work as well as education in government institutes, foreign affairs department, educational organization, companies home and abroad as well as overseas institutes. Meanwhile, our graduates have been enjoying high praise by employers, with an employment rate up to 90% in recent three years.


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